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Please don’t invite me to smoke marijuana unless you want to see me cry about birds.

summer looks

summer looks

But telling a drummer to slow down is like telling a guitarist to turn down. Like telling a Marxist to respect a differing opinion.

Aaron Cometbus, from Cometbus #45 (via othermike)

still true!

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Being a person is getting too complicated.
—Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman

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At least I suggested we call the new coffee shop “The mouth is a lonely a lonely hunter”

I never look back at it, but it’s always in front of me
It’s always worth the hurt, but I know it’s hurting me
I’ll never let go of it because it’s all that’s going for me
I’ll put it in the past when the past is history


Cometbus #35


Cometbus #35


female to muscle selfie
female to mentioning trans women of color
female to menstruation for ts
female to miserable around cis men but not the good queer ones whose desires you can project yourself into
female to machiavellian identity politics
female to mansplain 

female to mote surrounding a glass castle of emotion

female to mediocre rap career (ft. female to macklemore)

female to men’s rights activist

female to make up is only ever transgressive on me

female to Morrissey clone

female to maybe I can pull off a chinstrap

female to masturbation scientist

female to minor internet celebrity with dwindling social capital but some $weet speaking gigs

female to malevolent blogger

female to milhouse

this could be us but u playin

this could be us but u playin

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